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Rainbow specializes in the design and fabrication of trade show exhibits and corporate conferences around the globe. We support our client’s programs domestically or internationally.We have a state of art design studio, full fabrication facilities and full show services capabilities. We recognize that designing and fabrication genuinely exceptional exhibit environments and events take great people. Whether it is a design management or engineering accounting or manufacturing, we believe that every position in every area is highly relevant to our company’s success and the success of our clients. We coordinate producing exhibits and events in every major International shows. Delivering a global program can be challenging but our team believes in ‘Service without any limitations’.

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We specialise in coming up with solutions that fit our client's budget and timescale. When you choose us, you get access to our superb design and project management teams, as well as our global experience.

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Our approach to work is simple, yet effective. And we always deliver on time. We are committed to the integrity of your brand & just a phone call away, always.


Over the year, the power of ideas and the stimulus of innovative design have succeeded in breaking the rigid definition of types and overcoming the limitations imposed by materials.

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